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DevelopmentLooked into a way to handle the Online signature with Gravity Forms. It seems to be working. Sent for Authorization.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/03/082022/03/12There is not certifications, but I could recreate the same fields. This will assist the customers to sign their docs without having to reprint or sign.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
RequestsAdded the 11 Metzeler Sets onto the Stock with a Stock Adjustment.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12Need to adjust the SugarDots Stock Out iso putting through Sales. Bring the 11 Items in 595 as a GRV iso a Stock Adjustment.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceHandled Stock Cash-up on the 13th.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12Llewellyn was on Leave. Handled the Cash-up on the 13th and other outstanding Stock Sales.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceStock Adjustments and SalesYesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12Took the Stock Recon for the 28th of Feb and processed the WOM, RSR and SugarDots entries. Handled stock sent back for the 12th, Rion's Scooter.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MeetingMet with Libertas in Rivonia. Diego and Dean were present too. Quintin too.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/03/082022/03/12We requested that they look into DocuSign integration with Gravity Forms and remove the Manual Activation Process. We're waiting for their quote.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
BackupsBackup the full Website in Control Panel - redstarrac3wayYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/03/082022/03/12Gave the Afrihost login to the developers - Libertas. Only typed in.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceCreated the Weekly reports for IndemnitiesYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/03/152022/03/20There are not many entries for this week.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentRSR Membership Form - split in pages and changed the Welcome page. Check how it looks on Mobile too.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/03/082022/03/12We have some competition. But most customers are managing very well. I'd like to help everyone who might feel overwhelmed with any online registration form to not feel intimidated.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationActivated and reset password on the Pending Activation list. Some won't Activate due to emails already registered: Matthew Lourens.NoRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/03/082022/03/12jhn.lourens44@gmail.com - prior entry was incomplete. I deleted. Sent to email what I've done and what needs to be done to have 2 Users with the same email address.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceOpened 5 Trainees for Sunday 13 March.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/03/082022/03/12There are much less days this month to train. 5 Trainees are over the limit, but we want to help the customers.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceSet User Access Denied for Didier Diedericks and Kola de KlerkYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/03/082022/03/12These customers still owes us money, but never replied on the emails we sent on the 10th of March. Regarding racing on the 5th of March.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationTraffic should be handled on an Excel Spreadsheet - will create a Gravity Form for this.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/03/082022/03/12Whatsapp from Diego on the RSR Daily Reports Group.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingTrend Bend Reports for the month of Feb2022NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/03/082022/03/12Sent to Vanessa and Diego.3 - Just Noted2 - Urgent
DevelopmentMonthly Stats reports, Feb2022, for Dean and Diego.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/03/082022/03/12Power was off many hours on the 10th. I completed the Accommodation and Members count reports.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationAnswered phone from Sharmain for Boabab Training Quote for SubaroYesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/03/082022/03/12Received her email. Vanessa too. She'll issue the quote.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Communication2 Riders Didier Diedericks (R700) and Kola/Johannes de Klerk (R850) for outstanding pmts on the 5th of March 2022.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlVanessa Almeida2022/03/082022/03/12Received Read Receipts,1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Communication2 Riders Didier Diedericks (R700) and Kola/Johannes de Klerk (R850) for outstanding pmts on the 5th of March 2022.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlVanessa Almeida2022/03/082022/03/12Received Read Receipts,1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Development10 April Discount Voucher Form and Issued up to Voucher number 700068.YesRed Star RacewaySalesDiego Crabbia2022/03/082022/03/12Script the text on the PDF and the Email. Started to send.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingSend an email to Dean, Diego and Quintin on proposed procedures that Llewellyn can follow.NoTrend BendInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/03/082022/03/12Many processing Llewellyn didn't complete. Diego said it's okay if I process these outstanding movements.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceCreated the New Week's reporting for Brittani.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/03/082022/03/12There were 3 days last week and 3 days this week that we have Track days. Wednesday 9th was a wet morning.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
ReconcilingWent through all the Variance Items. Will draw up a full report on my findings.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/03/082022/03/12Sent an email regarding SugarDots. There were 2 items paid for which we didn't rekord as sold. I don't know how this is possible.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Monitoring2061 was put onto the system, Snapback Grey. I counted 38, but no GRV was processed.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12This stock needs to be GRV'd in Arch before it lands onto the floor!1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringJos stock list was send to me from Quintin. No Itemcodes were given. I searched for any stock on hand with the World of Motorcycles brand. Code 2019 should be reversed by Llewellyn. This was never done. We need him to start to submit the changed on the quantity the correct way. When stock is taken out of the system via Debtors, I recommend that I process those sales that it does not land on Llewellyn's Sales code. Most items on the list sent were Scorpion Helmets. There were no differences on the Scorpion Helmets on the count of 02 March 2022.YesTrend BendInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/03/082022/03/12We have found a way to report on sales based on Sales Person.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Other ReportingSugar Dots. I reconciled the GRV's processed in Arch with the paid invoices. There were items sold, but not paid to Sugar Dots, yet. Sent recon to Vanessa.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12No decent list was drawn up. I reconciled between what we received and what we paid. I saw extra items which means those weren't send back but sold. There were items not paid, but sold on our side. These are Consignment Stock.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MonitoringTried to print a captured GRV. Not that simple.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12I could see the GRV on the Screen off the Purchase Journals, but the system didn't want to print the view, only, the header of the entry - a one liner. I needed to screenshot and print from paint to get the document details to print.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Other ReportingStock sent back to Sugar Dots Trading. No complete list was setup by Llewellyn. Those are the Consignment Stock taken into the system, but not taken out.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12Llewellyn sent me a Whatsapp code list, but this is not complete. There were helmets sent back too. No where recorded. This is the list given to me: 6066, 6065, 6074, 6064, 6070, 6079, 6078, 6078, 6076, 6077, 6077, 6076, 6067, 6079. Only the Scooter list.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingNB: If stock arrived at the shop, there should be group log made to indicate that such stock was received, preferrable, with a photo. If the stock isn't managed by Llewellyn as it should, Christa should have some indication of the movement to be able to check for completeness.YesTrend BendInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/03/082022/03/12If stock came into the shop and we don't know about it via invoicing, we can, potentially, lose the stock without ever knowing that it was taken.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingWith the Stock take, all the Lyneards were labelled, but some significant items like helmets or suite, weren't. That is not the way this stock should be labelled. Small items should have one lable printed on the shelf and the lable on big and expensive items should be on all items at all times. If an item isn't labelled, it shouldn't be on the floor.YesTrend BendInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/03/082022/03/12Dean requested that I recorded my findings with the Stock taken on the 2nd of March.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingTrend Bend Stock movements which aren't Sales should be listed by Barcode that we know which exact items have been moved. Current lists, only, gives descriptions not taking into consideration the sizes. This makes management or control very difficult.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/03/082022/03/12We need to have a system where stock which was moved recorded, especially, if it wasn't rekorded on Arch yet.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingTrend Bend System on 08 March: Stored procedure was not completed. The Cash Register was off line. After a restart it was back online and I completed the Day-End run. The Backup ran for the 8th of March 2022.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12The system is not managed as it should.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
ReconcilingCheck differences on the 02 March Count for Feb2022.NoTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/082022/03/12There are some entries over and some under. Focus on the "Under". There are unprocessed movements which makes this recon more tricky. Have some information and see how this will remove differences.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentAdded the 10th of March to the March Indemnity Form on, Sunday 06 March.YesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/03/062022/03/12Quintin requested extra day for the MRS racers to be able to practice.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingWorked on the 5th of March from 05:00 to 15:30.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/03/012022/03/06Handled the Registrations and Recon as Race Secretary.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringMSA late entries has come to me. Handled queries and late entries. Tannie Shelley is not feeling well.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/03/012022/03/06Many gaps to research. Will need to be certain how to approach Friday with Documentation. Scrutineering will start on Friday too.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monitoring2 8000 Scorpion boxes, but only saw 1 8000 helmetNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/012022/03/06This is a big problem. Counted both boxes.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringTried to tie up the Helmets with the Helmet boxes.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/012022/03/06Wasn't that simple. Not sure if I had it right.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringPerforming the Feb2022 Stock TakeYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/03/012022/03/06Llewellyn didn't perform count. Many items on the display room isn't labelled. This is unacceptable. Performed between 02:00 and 07:40 on the 2nd of March.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceFixed mistakes on the April2022 Indemnity FormYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/03/012022/03/06Had the 7th and the 27th's days wrong.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentApril2022 Indemnity Form completedYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/03/012022/03/06There was a difference on Track Type for the 15th and 27th between the Website and what we, normally, setup on those days. Opened the Training Days, Skid Pan and the 8 Hour Endurance Entry.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingOpened reporting for Last week and this week.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/03/012022/03/06Starting a new month reporting - March 20221 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceTraining requests preferred dates added up to 01 MayYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/03/012022/03/05Then we can find, easier, an agreed date.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentOpened Training fields for 26th and 27th of Feb.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/222022/02/26We're expecting more trainees this weekend, but they are not registered yet. Opened fields. I'm on leave tomorrow, 26 Feb and away on the 27th.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationTrainees for Saturday and Sunday not registered yet. They are brought through by Joao Cruz. I'm supposed to be on leave, tomorrow and sunday.YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2022/02/222022/02/26This is not following procedures. It doesn't matter who the customer is. We need to explain the right procedure, always. Brit says she'll see what she can do. I'm not feeling great either. There is a funny flu I caught.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentClosed entries for the 5th of March 2022YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/222022/02/26This can be opened for individuals, but is closed for the public.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MonitoringKola de Klerk's manual entry doesn't seem right. It seems like her Dad entered on her behalf with his ID number instead of hers??YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/222022/02/26Gave the information through to Tannie Shelley. We must make sure that we enter the right person, even if she is under aged.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingSent off the Recon of the 5th as I have it. To Dean and Diego.YesRed Star RacewayAccountingVanessa Almeida2022/02/222022/02/26The recon isn't balancing, but Vanessa is looking into it.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationEmails from Shelley forwarded to Admin for POPs - 05 March 2022YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/222022/02/26There are many who paid but didn't submit entries yet. Entries close today. There are many half entered entries.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MeetingArch Training with KimYesTrend BendInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/02/222022/02/26Sent email to Dean and Diego on notes of what I've learnt.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceEnter Manual Entries onto the RSR System - 05 March 2022NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/222022/02/26In Case they want to do the Track day on the 4th of March and that we have those on record.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationTaking Calls and answering Emails for the Racing on the 05th and for Quintin Coeter.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/02/222022/02/26Some customers, still, doesn't know who the race1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSending Stats through to Selinah - expected volume per day at CanteenYesLFCAccountingCustomers2022/02/222022/02/26Never 100% certain. Give guideline based on entries and feedback from Corporate clients, like, this Friday for Mark Castel's 9 hour endurance event.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentReporting for this week and last week. Create.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/222022/02/26Completed.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationHandle Emails about the 5th of March and otherNoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/222022/02/26Many entries are coming through from many different sources. Hopefully we'll caught them all.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
RequestsReconciled the In-Take for 20 Feb 2022YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/142022/02/20Paygate and Credit Cards were not matching what came through on the Recons. Sent corrected infor to Brit after exporting entries for today and adding values in.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
RequestsAsked Quintin to ask Brittani to send through the Traffic per day onto the RSR Daily Report Whatsapp Group.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingDiego Crabbia2022/02/142022/02/20We've had much traffic the last few weeks. We need to capture the figures for more sponsorship.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringIndemnities taken in yesterday.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/142022/02/20Indemnities 14523 and 14525 was entered late. Not sure about payment. Sent Vanessa POP requests. Indemnity 14494 was captured on the In-Take. Requested Brittani to check for me.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MonitoringFix entries posted as the 20th to the 19th.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2022/02/142022/02/20Requested Brit and Quintin if I should open the 19th. They were too swamped. Need to fix entries posted in wrong date for data integrity. Informed Quintin about this challenge. We'll open on the day, next time.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationTaking some of Quintin's calls on Friday and SaturdayYesRed Star RacewayMarketingQuintin Coetser2022/02/142022/02/20This is a very good thing. Many requests are regarding new customers and learning the system.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MeetingTaking Tickets at Drags 18 Feb 2022 until 21:00YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19It was a good day. Reconciled the Ticket Sales.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentMel got Jacky to publish the Gravity Forms version of the Rental Container Lisst Gravity FormYesRed Star RacewaySalesChrista Coetser2022/02/142022/02/19Took off the Zoho link and tested the Gravity Forms link.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
CommunicationGave list to Quintin of 19 Feb to inform customers to be early for their registration. Many entries.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19Quintin sent all 85 Whatsapps as a broadcast.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationTaking calls and answer emails for customers.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19Mostly for 19th Feb's Track day. 5th of March too.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingCheck how many trainees came to ride with us before.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/02/142022/02/19Don't want to give Vouchers to regular riders.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationIssue Vouchers for the 10th of April.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/142022/02/1905 Dec rained out, but we have 10 April 2022.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationHandled all emails and whatsapp that came through.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19Customers for 5th of March and 19 Feb.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentIndemnity wording for Cars and Drivers.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/02/142022/02/19Important to include Car Vehicles and Drivers. Applied for MSA RSR Indemnity for the 5th. Needs to change on the other Indemnities too.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentCustomer with One Car, but 2 Classes could not submit his 2nd Class. Developed that option for him: Riaan RouxYesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19Created Category Field for customers who entered for more than one Race on the Official Entry Form. They could've added as a Second Vehicle their 2nd Category, but I made this, a bit easier to submit.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationAnswered Phone calls and emails. Setup customer to register for our Club. Etc.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/02/142022/02/1919 Feb Requests and Training Entries opened.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MaintenanceAdded Report Entries for this Week.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/142022/02/19There is much happening on the 19th. We'll need to open documentation early. I will create the In-Take entries for that date.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationEmail 05 March Entries Customers and upload all documents onto the Email Form for each user who didn't.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19The Customers don't understand that all the needed documents needs to be completed. Will send a bulletin.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSupport Clubs to get all documentation in for the 5th of March. Start off with BMW Club.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/142022/02/19Spoke with many customers on Email on how to approach the entries and what is still outstanding. Worked from 15:30 - 20:45.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentMSA Forms and Reporting and communication.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13Took a call with Tannie Shelley. Made more changes to the Forms and Reporting.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationContacted Dawie Olivier - he had trouble to scan his documents. He can, now, submit his signature online.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/02/082022/02/13He sounded devastated, last, when we spoke.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
CommunicationSafe Mode on Trend Bend's System. Sent details to Llewellyn how to handle it.NoRed Star RacewaySalesLlewellyn Chipps2022/02/082022/02/13He is not following any instructions.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentOn the MSA Forms, I've changed manual signature to an Electronic "Yes".NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13Per Diego, we need to have a Terms and Condition Form printed by the Customers to be signed on the day. Need to develop and get the Authorization from Diego for those documents.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentImproved Tannie Shelley's Reporting. Left out the Official Entry Forms. It didn't have all the Vehicle info as field Values. We cannot reprint.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13This lead me to have to fix data for the Scrutineering. There are 3 Customers with wrong Official Entry Forms.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentStreamlined Scrutineering and Official Entry Forms for Tannie ShelleyNoRed Star RacewaySalesShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13Some data for reporting was missing. Added this in.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentGetting the Scrutineering and Official Entry Form onto one PageNoRed Star RacewayMarketingShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13This might take a while, but it will improve Administration pages and customer experience.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Communication05 Feb Entries on a separate report that Brit can fix her mistakes. She can easy fix her entries today. Not many entries this Wednesday. Internet is fast and working.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/082022/02/13I cannot do this for her. I have the In-Land Tour Forms to adjust. And I must get our Customer's documents that they can sign online.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationLlewellyn asked me to help him with the Stock Variances. I told him to recount the Stock items on the Variance list.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/02/082022/02/13Normally when he asks for help he want someone else to do his work. I told Brittani that he must do his own work. She has enough work to do on her side.2 - Important3 - Noted
Other ReportingStock count taken on 09 Feb recon sent to Dean.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/02/082022/02/13There were differences and some items didn't seemed as if counted.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringTrend Bend shop didn't have Internet. Jorry help me to setup both PC's to have internet.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/02/082022/02/13Cannot communicate to outside PCs without internet.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monitoring05 Feb Entries was done wrong. 06 Feb's entries is, still, outstandingNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/082022/02/13Brit helped Llewellyn. Llewellyn didn't follow instructions.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceProcess the Stock Count list - not completed. Taken manually.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/02/082022/02/13RSR is not counted, per Llewellyn. If it is not done on the system, we don't know when the stock was taken and then the recon will be much more difficult. Fortunately no movement is happening today.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationCalled Tannie Shelley about Scurtinering pages and online signatures for MSA entries.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13Need to install late at night that there is not entrants.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentGot instructions to remove the Covid Questions on the Indemnity FormsYesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/02/082022/02/13Confirmation from Quintin Coetser.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringDR Rene Janse van Rensburg's Registration was wrong. I gotten hold of him. He wants to enter and paid for the 5th of March 2022.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/02/082022/02/13His username was wrong. I will re-issue his forms and then I will send him all the forms to sign with his POP.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringEntry 12956 was a payment for an Indemnity without an ID or Name. Asked Tannie Shelley for the name.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/082022/02/13Will ask the customer via phone. Before they sign the wrong documents.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationDaren Naidoo's email didn't receive his password reset, although the Account was activated. The ID number, was wrong with one digit. Resetted the password.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/02/082022/02/13Not always sure if the customer can be verified or should be deleted to start from scratch. The Next of Kin contacted me and could confirm the right ID number. He wants to ride on Friday.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSent email to Diego about how we can use the entries on the 5th of Dec to market the Training date on the 10th of April 2022.NoRed Star RacewayMarketingDiego Crabbia2022/02/082022/02/13We have 26 entrants on 05 Dec who could not ride due to rain. We have many trainees we can invite for the 10th of April 2022.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationAdd to the Once Off Registration the Notes on the procedures to Issue and Indemnity.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlCustomers2022/02/082022/02/13It seems to confuse some customers that an initial registration will save much work for any other entries in future.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringBrittani completed the In-Take entries for the 5th, but she didn't chose the right options. I will assist to fix those entries.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/082022/02/1367 entries to fix. Might not have all the information.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationClosed the 19th of Feb off. There are enough entries per Stuart from Suzuki.YesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/02/082022/02/13Easy to hide the entry field.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSent 70005 to Bryan DreyerYesRed Star RacewaySalesDiego Crabbia2022/02/082022/02/13It's a new customer and I gave as much information as I could with the Voucher for the 10th of April.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monthly ReportingCompleted the Trend Bend, Vouchers and Members reporting for Jan2022NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/02/082022/02/13Internet is dropping all the time. Closes PC by 20:292 - Important2 - Urgent
Other ReportingAssist with Tannie Shelley with her Reporting for the MSA events. I open and the questions arrises.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13It's the beginning. We'll work through it.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentView 811 - Information Report for Tannie ShelleyYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlShelley-Anne Taylor2022/02/082022/02/13Setup contact details. There are many duplicates, but we can see who is trying to submit their entries now.2 - Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceMichael-Lee Aucamp - open his Training Date on his indemnity 19 FebYesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2022/02/082022/02/13He paid and sent a POP on 08 Feb. It opens when I change his UserType to 3SAT.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationSent off the 4 Vouchers to the Aprilia Trainees and copied Diego.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingDiego Crabbia2022/02/082022/02/13The internet at RSR is very much up and down.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
ResearchI was lookin g if all 4 Trainees attended on Sunday.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/02/082022/02/13One's entry wasn't processed on the Indemnity as Sponsored Trainee. 12640. Fixed Entry on the Indemnity.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationDiego - asked him about the Aprilia Invoice and to issue Vouchers if they didn't attend.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/02/082022/02/13Jacquelene Murray didn't issue an Indemnity. Not sure if she ridden and if I can issue a Voucher to her.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSent RSR Brand Reporting for Vanessa and if Aprilia Invoice was issued.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlVanessa Almeida2022/02/082022/02/13Sent reports. Seems Aprilia wasn't invoiced.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationTrend Bend Feedback to Dean - Sent Stock list and run backupYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/02/082022/02/13Internet was off when backup for today ran. Ran a manual backup.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentSetup that she can see the Entries for a given Week on Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlMelanie White2022/02/082022/02/13Sent email with access and passwords. Mel received and will try. 3 Entries for 13 Feb, Sunday so far.2 - Important2 - Urgent
BackupsGravity Forms Website backup and downloadYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/02/082022/02/13Don't know how to test a restore. 31% Website occupied. Need to find and follow restore procedures.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monthly ReportingAssisting Roger Houston with his 05 March EntryYesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/302022/02/06He is communicating via Email and sounds negative, but is winning. He issued most of his Forms already.2 - Important3 - Noted
Monthly ReportingYesterday sang at Red StarYesRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/01/302022/02/06It was a very good day.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
Monthly ReportingAdded Aprilia Entries on the Indemnity FormNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2022/01/302022/02/06Instructed by Quintin to open entries. Opened all entries for today, today.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationAssisted with 3 Entries for the CSRA and HMGYesRed Star RacewaySalesTracylynn Venter2022/01/302022/02/06Managed to complete and send to Tracy, Brittani and Penny.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Development20 Valentyn's Day Vouchers to be printedYesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2022/01/302022/02/06Jacky will print on Monday.2 - Important3 - Noted
Development150 Excel Vouchers for 10 April Beginner Training DayYesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/01/302022/02/06Sent off to Quintin with Control List.2 - Important3 - Noted
MonitoringBeam Productions wasn't moved from Lodge to executive by late 03 Feb.NoRed Star RacewaySalesVanessa Almeida2022/01/302022/02/06We might lose this sale. They don't pay.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringTake-in entries for yesterday posted today. Fixed Track Day Dates on 4 Entries.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/302022/02/06Saw wrong dates on the Email Notifications for each In-Take Entry3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringCheck entries for the 19th. 63 Bikes and 13 Cars.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2022/01/302022/02/06Only 20 Cars and 100 Bikes allowed. 7 Duplicates were processed. One entry with an ID number iso a Name.2 - Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceRate on the Indemnity for the 4th was wrong. Weekend iso Week Rates. Fixed.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2022/01/302022/02/06Informed Brittani. Fixed the Rates. And adjusted the View to see all entries. Found some other entries which got missing for the 5th.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentVanessa asked to access more Indemnity Entries for confirmation of payments. A very good thing. For Racing and 19 Feb.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlVanessa Almeida2022/01/302022/02/06Sent all the information and reporting she wants.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
CommunicationMany requests for resetting password and confirmation if all is in place.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/302022/02/06Some comes back and others don't. On Email and on Whatsapp.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationAssist Mel with Filey's Audit questionsNoRed Star RacewayAccountingMelanie White2022/01/302022/02/06We could answer most. There is some accounts which need updating. Will continue tomorrow.2 - Important2 - Urgent
MonitoringIn-Takes processed as 31st changed to 30th.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29hfkflufy3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
CommunicationAnswered Login Queries and sent Proof of paymentNoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29Not always confirmation that all is good.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationHelped Marlo Ferreira to do his 05 Feb 2022 registrationNoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29He managed to log in and do his entry.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSent many Paygate emails to Brit and VYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29There came many through today.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceCompleted the March2022 Indemnity FormNoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29I will publish, but will need some checking. This is to enable the Track days before racing for March to be entered by customers.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingAdded to Tracy's Racing report the uploaded Womza licences.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlTracylynn Venter2022/01/242022/01/29I sent an email to her.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationAssistend Mike Alborough's Entry for 5 Feb, Sat.NoRed Star RacewaySalesTracylynn Venter2022/01/242022/01/29I had all his details and had to change his email address. He is sorted.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationNotes on the Indemnities on the Website from JackyYesRed Star RacewayMarketingJacky Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Rewritten piece requested from Jacky and sent through.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentMoved Rental Agreement from Zoho to Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewaySalesMelanie White2022/01/242022/01/29Wait for feedback to ensure that this is right and working.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceMarch2022 Training Dates added to the Training Request FormYesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29Out of the 8 days we, only, have 3 days.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringSuzuki Day: 9 Cars and 46 BikesYesRed Star RacewayMarketingBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Many pre-entries. Will be very difficult to stop when the 20 car entries have been reached.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentAdded Llewellyn to the Stock Count capture email notifications.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/01/242022/01/29He can now see who captures what. He has a report too.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringProcessed Llewellyn's stock countYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/01/242022/01/29Llewelyn cannot process stock count, but he can whatsapp from his phone. He can do the Stock Count recording on his phone.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentAdded the Parkrun Course on the RSR DashboardNoRed Star RacewayMarketingJacky Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29I'll need to find a way to make this page less...3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MaintenanceStart with March 2022 Indemnity Form - Racing for MSA has a "practice" day on the 4th of March.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29Completed Training and Track Dates from 01 March to 28 March 2022. Jan2022 is not finished yet. I will need to work on a form which is live.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringLlewellyn took Stock Take but couldn't load due to Wifi issues - he says. He should load his phone with 3G.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/01/242022/01/29He, said he'll send the count lists. The count took place on 28 Jan 2021 at, about 16:00.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monitoring66 Entries for the 29th. No request to assist.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Weather is not certain. Many entries. A difficult day.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentBreak the RSR Dashboard into Sections for ease of ReadingYesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29Need to make sure that it's easy to read and does not confuse the customers. Need to ensure that the split between internal and external information is clear-cut. Testing with my own "Normal Customer" user.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentInfo group links - Racing, and Track Days.NoRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29Need to ensure that the customers can use the link.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
IdeasCreate a Page with all our Rental Unit TypesNoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/242022/01/29Photos of all the Rental Units - need to get some.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringRSR Accommodation Bookings on Arrival and Created DatesYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/01/242022/01/29Not sure how the Booking.com payments will be paid.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationMarlo Ferreira and Ettienne Louw requested reset of passwords.YesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/242022/01/29Talked on phone and email - they want to enter for the racing on the 5th of Feb.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringTraining Indemnities were opened by Brit.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29All sorted.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentOpened another Trainee for Sunday.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Communicated that one was already open.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
IdeasI had a published Rental Unit Waiting List Form in Zoho which served us very well (it’s currently moving from Zoho to Gravity Forms – already created in Gravity Forms, just needed to be implemented on the Website - requested). I’d like to do the same for Advertising Space (online (on the Indemnity Form or redirected to there) or on Track). I want to add a link to our Whatsapp Groups for customer to join if they, initially, didn’t wanted to. I’d like to create a Form where people can buy Vouchers too. Can I open a section on the Website where Customers can pay to Advertise their Brands?YesRed Star RacewayMarketingChrista Coetser2022/01/242022/01/29no3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringSkid Pan Entries are not that much for tomorrow.YesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/01/242022/01/29Quintin says that Greg will be there to assist. We hope to have many coming through tomorrow.2 - Important3 - Noted
MonitoringRequest Llewellyn to perform a Stock Count.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/01/242022/01/29He asked me for new login. He said he'll do. I reset his password and it is working.2 - Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentYesterday: Created the Gravity Forms for Rental Unit Waiting List.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingVanessa Almeida2022/01/242022/01/29No reply from Jacky yet. This has helped us keep the Units full.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceSetup Training for Sunday. There are 2 entrants.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Not sure if we have an Instructor, yet.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monthly ReportingYesterday: Created Report for Calendar Changes with NotificationsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2022/01/242022/01/29We want to log all changes to ensure that no change is missed.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingTraining incomeNoRed Star RacewaySalesDiego Crabbia2022/01/242022/01/29Data is accurate. Need to know how to follow-up on customer requests which didn't pan out.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationPower is off.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/01/242022/01/293G is working with Hotspot.2 - Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceOpened 3 3SAT Trainees on Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Need to open in PHPAdmin of the Gravity Forms. Will know soon enough if the Customer or Brit cannot see the fields on the user.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MonitoringNebula Accommodation Payments this weekNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/01/242022/01/29Don't have access to see if these customers have loaded their banking details onto Booking.com1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
DevelopmentReceived Permit Number for MSA Race 05 March 2022 - 16626YesRed Star RacewaySalesShelley-Anne Taylor2022/01/242022/01/29Tested all Email Notifications. Created report to give to Tannie Shelley and to use when queries arrives.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
BackupsBackup Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/01/242022/01/29to know how to restore if need be.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceCreate last week and this week Indemnity EntriesYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/242022/01/29Need to make sure all entries reflect. 29th were the most with Track day, Skid Pan and Training.2 - Important2 - Urgent
Monthly ReportingSend off Trend Bend Analyses - Dec2021YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/01/182022/01/22Added new analyses with a scenario for more profits.2 - Important3 - Noted
RequestsScooter Stock sent back - Consignment - Request Supplier paid Invoices to know which we can reverse.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/01/182022/01/23Not sure which Supplier supplied this stock. Don't have any lists.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
DevelopmentCreated and sent Andrew Jones' RSR Club Membership certificateYesRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Received his POP today, 22 Jan 2022. R100.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
RequestsList of Departments to report on from Dean.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23Can we meet on the Departments that should be included in my Monthly reporting.2 - Important3 - Noted
RequestsMembers Indemnities to be downloaded by Users off WebsiteNoRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Need permission. It will, only, show logged in users Indemnities to be viewed and downloaded. We have 2 reports, A and B. At this point, it cannot be on the same Report.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
IdeasDevelop Training Videos as to how to use the Online Forms and Register.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23I found the software Vidyard and extention from Chrome. I'll do an example and see how it goes.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
IdeasMonthly Membership Card or tag for Joggers, Bicycle Riders and Walkers on the Track for allocated times.NoRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Golf course in Delmas is not operational anymore.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
IdeasAccommodation Links of eRes replace with Booking.com and any other integrated platform. These systems have better communication facilities than eRes, like Notifications. Especially, Booking.comNoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23I don't know if you would like more than one platform to display on the Website.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationAnother Customer linked to the crestriders' email cannot register. Reset password and change email address to this request email.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Not always sure customer is okay until I see the Indemnity coming through.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
RequestsMSA Electronic Form Testing/ ReviewsNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23Even if Quintin or Shelley-Anne tested the Forms and how it works, can I request that Diego test them too. There might be legal issues that I'm not aware of.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
RequestsDocusign applicationNoRed Star RacewaySalesShelley-Anne Taylor2022/01/182022/01/23Especially MSA Entries will help us if we can have the customers sign online. I'm just not sure if we'll need to send those documents via a different format to be able to get those signed if it's not through an add-on in Gravity Forms. A tick box seems the easiest. I'll see how if I can assist with any research on my side too.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationBeam Productions - asking for rider list for the day.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBeam Productions2022/01/182022/01/23Not sure if this is allowed.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
Development05 Feb 2022 Reporting and Email Notifications to TracyYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlTracylynn Venter2022/01/182022/01/23Setup on Tracy's profile that she can see all the Racing Entries for 05 Feb 2022. Waiting for Feedback from her when the entries starts to pour in.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Project ListingSetup on the User Meta if a customer Paid for their 2022 Affiliation or not.NoRed Star RacewaySalesChrista Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23We'll need to keep track of this and adjust the users' Meta Field where we state if the user paid Affiliation or not.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentAdded the R100 RSR Affiliation Fee onto the Racing for the 5thYesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23HMG and CSRA are excluded. Customer can override and we'll need to keep track of who paid in future races too. I have one field that we can filter to see who paid during the year.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationAndrew Jones wanted a 2022 RSR Affiliation Membership CertificateYesRed Star RacewaySalesDiego Crabbia2022/01/182022/01/23Emailed feedback to pay and then I'll need to create one in Gravity Forms.2 - Important3 - Noted
MonitoringGarth Leech had a user, but not a Online Registration Entry. Deleted and asked Brit to get him reregistered and reissue his Indemnity for 22 Jan 2022YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/182022/01/23We have no contact details of this customer.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentWanted to remove the initial option on the 19 Feb 2022 Field. There was a change and I wanted to prevent further processing on this option.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23Can edit any Indemnity if a payment was loaded onto the entry. 10595 was processed and paid online. I moved the Option selected to the bottom of the list that customers will chose one of the top 2 as it should be.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceSet Zoho Rental Agreement for the 2022 yearNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlMelanie White2022/01/182022/01/23Run through the 5 different places to make sure all are changed. Run full test to make sure that all was changed as it should.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationRe-Registered 2 New Riders' old profiles which didn't import right to fix the issued Indemnities.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/01/182022/01/23Not always getting feedback on the process I communicated to the customers.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationCustomers (3) asking assistance to register for their Track Day.NoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/182022/01/23We can use a PC software to record System processes. Customer didn't answer my phonecall. Sent email. Found another Imported Customer which is showing the ID number instead of the Name in the Name Field. Manual fix needed.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Monthly ReportingSent off the Trend Bend Trading Summaries for 15 and 31 Dec 2021YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/01/182022/01/23Need to get the information at the Server at Trend Bend. Pull all data to develop Stats reporting too.2 - Important2 - Urgent
DevelopmentSetup 04th and 05th of Feb 2022. Racing Entries on the Feb2022 Indemnity Form.YesRed Star RacewaySalesTracylynn Venter2022/01/182022/01/23Permit isn't issued yet, but we want to market the Event, therefore we've opened the Entry on the Indemnity Form.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentMSA Forms - remove User Details off the FormsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2022/01/182022/01/23Customer cannot download the reports on their user as planned. Popi act concerns.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationGive the Quote PDF's on the Marketing GroupYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlJacky Grassman2022/01/182022/01/23Not sure how this is published.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentCreated the Feb2022 Indemnity FormYesRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/182022/01/23Manual setup. Needs checking.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceSet all Expired Vouchers as "Expired".YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/182022/01/23244 in Zoho and 63 in Gravity Forms2 - Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceRedeemed Vouchers used end of Dec up to 16 Jan 2022.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/182022/01/23It's manual process. There are some In-Take splits that does not accommodate Voucher and pmt. Added new options and adjusted In-Take.2 - Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationDarren Mortimer Voucher Extention request.YesRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/182022/01/23Need to confirm Vouchers Extension first. Got from Diego on 18 Jan 2021. Sent to Customer.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringCheck for unredeemed Training Requests and send list to Brit.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/182022/01/23Some customers put requests through, but does not come through. Need to keep on following up.2 - Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceSetup weekly Indemnity ReportingYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/182022/01/23Still, a manual process should create these weekly reports.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringBrittani's Training Confirmation processesYesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2022/01/112022/01/15She cannot phone the customers. I asked her to buy airtime to contact the 7 customers.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MonitoringTesting with Tannie Shelley the MSA Online Entry FormsYesRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/112022/01/16Customers want to be able to sign online per Tannie Shelley.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
DevelopmentAdd the Upload MSA Form where all form including the Signed Official Entry Form can be signed.YesRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/032022/01/07Making sure that the flow is, still, simple for the customer.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceReporting development for first week of Jan2022YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2022/01/032022/01/07Routine maintenance1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceChecked with Quintin the Lodge for Dean's family stay.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18We found a few issues, but it was corrected.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentCreate Multiple (55) Variables to carry to other forms - MSA FormsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18All variables are carried over correctly. Still outstanding variables. 3 Forms are now populated.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Project ListingShow Vouchers as RedeemedYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Concerned that I might forget the Vouchers redeemed on 18 Dec 2021.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentMust ensure that each MSA Form has a Page, PDF, Notification and set as to be logged in before it can be filled in.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18To set this up that it's as easy as possible.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringAdded to the RSR Dashboard that Documentation opens at 07:00.YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18This should prevent anybody from demanding an extra session due to late queuing at documentation.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
ResearchCan issue a Gravity Forms PDF with LandscapeYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18No Challenge3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringAssisting Brit with Registrations. Already have 81 entries.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Not many has come through yet. The weather is cold and overcast.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentLooking at the PDF of the MSA Forms - ScrutineeringNoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18To ensure that it presents as close as the manual version as possible.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
BackupsBacked up my Forms createdNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18NB to backup work.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentCompleted the Scrutineering Forms for Circuit Cars and Single Seaters.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Need to set this up that all is easy to access and received.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentStarting with the Daily Screening Questionnaire.NoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Starting with the 2nd Form to be added on the MSA docs from the Customer side. Need to make sure this slots in seamlessly.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentFurther development on the MSA Indemnity Form - keeping the Track day before seperate, working on layouts on Form and PDF, adding Categories and Classes.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Collaborate with Tannie Shelley. She gave me MSA logo too. Added to the PDF Form.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
BackupsBacked up the Forms as I have it now.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18It is simple to restore, but hasn't done that yet.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentDeveloped most of the MSA Official Entry Form with logic. It's working and template is built. Sent through to Tannie Shelley for scurtinering.NoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Most important entry form is completed. There are more Forms to do.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationSetup RSR Accommodation booking for Tannie Shelley-Anne Taylor - booking #694YesRed Star RacewayAccountingDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Spoke with Dean on Whatsapp. Created and sent booking to Dean, Tannie Shelley and Quintin. Concerned that there might not be space for her on all these events.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
CommunicationGotten docs from Tannie Shelley. Will use both Tracy's and her to make sure that I have all necessary fields.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Don't know how to set this up that we don't frustrate the customer more than needed.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
ResearchImportant to note. No Pricing can be changed on an Record if the submit form conditional logic fields are not listed on the Edit Field list. In the Indemnity case the Covid questions which should, all, be "No".YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Managed to get this to work.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentTried to fix the wrong entry: 8666 - a very long name, but cannot. The entry was made before the Training fields were created. We'll need to ask the customer to re-issue his Indemnity.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Asked Brittani to ask the customer.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MonitoringFixed Indemnity for Trainee Layla 9066.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Entry wasn't done right. Corrected and sent to Brit to use instead. Might be missed.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationOpened communication with Tannie Shelley-AnneYesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18We have the Holiday in between. We arranged time we'll spend on this. Up until the 19th and then from the new year.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentMSA In-Land Tour Electronic Forms DevelopmentNoRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Need to make sure that I make this as painless as possible for the customer.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationWillem Janse van Rensburg had questions about his first track day.YesRed Star RacewaySalesVanessa Almeida2021/12/142021/12/18Answered the customer and invited him to contact whenever he wants if he feels unsure or have questions.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationGreensky's Rental Agreement Request: see Invoice: PF100000226 on emailYesRed Star RacewayAccountingVanessa Almeida2021/12/142021/12/18There was a year long barter and then we started to invoice them.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
MonitoringIt seems Gareth Bezuidenhout's indemnity wasn't signed on the 11th of Dec. Indemnity 8787. Will follow up in 2022.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Cannot do much about unsigned Indemnities afterwards. Cannot say for sure that he was at the Track on the 11th.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationBeam Production asks me for Track day attending lists. They have an email of us and therefore is BEAM productions part of our services. Need to get confirmation, but don't want to frustrate customers. Only give name, email and cell number. Nothing else.NoRed Star RacewaySalesChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Need confirmation that I can give to them.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
BackupsBacking Up the Gravity Forms after completing a big sectionYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18There is an import Forms area in case the Forms get damaged.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceJan2022 Indemnity - CheckYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18It is working, but need to double check entries for correctness.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringSkid Pan Entries are coming through nicely.YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Folders are becoming a problem on my emails, but it's much better to have a grip on what is happening.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationTraining dates should be on Car Only Track days per Quintin. This won't interfere with anything on the track if we do this.YesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18I'll open Training dates on Car Only Track days too.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentRSR Training Confirmation Booking Form - create notifications on update now too.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18This is not being used yet. Will need to handle each new aspect one-by-one for buy-in.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentTraining Fields - status to reduce changes and maintenanceNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Decided to add all possible Training courses to a given date that I only have one field by date with 4 possible entries. This will reduce training fields to the amount of dates we'll train for a given month.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceCreated the last week's reporting Views - 15 - 19 DecYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18There are many more fields added to report on, but it can be added to relevant dates.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceAdd Training Booking Fields to the Jan2022 Indemnity and attach the Indemnity to the RSR Dashboard options.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Must make sure all dates are correct before adding to the Dashboard and cannot test without adding.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentIn-Land Tour IndemnityNoRed Star RacewaySalesTracylynn Venter2021/12/142021/12/18Need to complete this Form as soon as possible - should be ready by 17 Jan 2022.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceCreate Indemnity Form for Jan2022YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18It's a new Year, not sure how that will affect my maintenance.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
DevelopmentCreated Skidpan Customer NotificationsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18This is another Notification that will come through to me when a Skidpan Customer issued an Indemnity.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentAdd Email Notifications for new Confirmed Training BookingsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Like with the In-Takes, this will notify me that a booking was made and that I should enable the user to issue a Training Indemnity.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentChanged 16 User Types from "Normal Customer" to "Skidpan Customer" per Tarryn's list. 4 outstanding clients who hasn't registered yet.YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Tarryn Griffiths organises the exclusive group for the 18th of Dec. To get all registered and how to change back if need be.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentZoho imports of Registration Dates into SQL - RSR Members - not date added in Gravity FormsNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18We might need to check when a customer registered to see if they qualify for something or if their training request is making sense.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentAdded Registration Date on the Training booking confirmation FormYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18There seems to be quite a few registrations who waited a while to get their training going. 1102220466083 and 8702110175083.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
CommunicationNeed to follow up on all training requestsNoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18I see too many customers who I cannot find on our registration list who requested training.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentRSR Training Booking Confirmation Form and ViewYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Need to get buy-in for use. This will give me the notification I need to setup the controlled Training entries on the Indemnity Form. 8 Entries per month.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
ResearchRecording on PC for Training - found Vidyard of ChromeYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Tested and it works wonderfully!1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Monthly ReportingSent off the Nov2021 RSR Monthly Stats reportYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11Compiling the data.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceChanged booking in the RSR Accommodation SQL for KB booking 89. Change rate to R40000 divided by 295 (R135.60) iso R80000/410 (R195.12). Status from IN to OUT.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11Must remove the prior records and import the more correct records.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentImport Zoho Jobcard entries into Gravity Forms and add Area Category FieldNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11There are a significant amount of Category Areas to give an easy report on this.1 - Very Important4 - Less Urgent
Research2019 Item not in stock, but not removed from Theory with prior data cleaning and stock count.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11See if this was WOM stock item. We've handled this and should not have been paid for. Will make sure before removing off the list. This items wasn't paid for.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceMarked 3 Expired Vouchers in Zoho and 10 in Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlVanessa Almeida2021/12/072021/12/11Need to make sure I do this for control purposes.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationAsked Llewellyn about the Mini Scooters which were sent back to be reversed.NoTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Asked him to let me know if he is struggling.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationAsked Llewellyn to do a Count of the missing Protective Gear Items.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Dean requested an explanation. Sent message to Llewellyn. Handled by Llewellyn.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
ReconcilingRequest from Diego - Mini Audit on the Protective Gear - requested 11 Dec 2021 via email.NoTrend BendInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2021/12/072021/12/11In the new year. Seems to have some Consignment Stock there.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationAsked Quintin to, please, inform if we should issue a Voucher for services rendered to us, but not paid by us, like Morne Geldenhuys. We'll need to have control of these Credits.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11We might over extend our credit to these cases. 2 of them: Paul Jacobs, Morne Geldenhuys and Grant Mills.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationPeron Vouchers for Dec2021 - cannot issue due to injury. Nov2021 expired.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11Peron was injured. Will change status on expired Vouchers.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
Monthly ReportingCompleted the RSR Membership Entries report for Nov2021. Total 106.YesRed Star RacewayMarketingDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11Need to send the reporting through, still.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationAsking Brittani to give me the booked Trainees' Registered ID numbers to open their Training fields on their Indemnities to issue a R1650 entry. Currently they issue R900 Vouchers.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11If we don't do this we won't have complete data as to who came for Training. Brit agreed that she'll give me the ID numbers for those trainees.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringBooking.com payment notifications came through to my email - I guess it's linked to the Indemnity Merchant IDYesRed Star RacewaySalesVanessa Almeida2021/12/072021/12/11We need to update the entries on Nebula before reporting. Vanessa wants to make sure it comes through the bank. Amounts does not make that much sense yet, but V will check. R2400 received for a R2600 booking.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentChanged Christmas Voucher with Expiry Date as 30 June 2021YesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Changed the expiry Date with an import. Tested how the updates work. Need to include all columns.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
Project ListingCreate the Form where Customers can pay and receive a Christmas VoucherNoRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Need to find a way to get the Voucher ready for download on the confirmation page and the email Notification.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentChristmas Voucher for a Customer who made payment.YesRed Star RacewaySalesVanessa Almeida2021/12/072021/12/11Issued the Voucher for Jaques Roach - Jaques' spelling is correct.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
ReconcilingComplete the Stock Count against the Theoretical Stock TotalsYesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Need to create the comparison.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentChristmas Vouchers based on Jacky's formatYesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Completed the template and created the printable 20 Voucher. Sent through to Jacky.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MonitoringMaking notes on the countability of the Trend Bend Store.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Many items are not labelled and the store room is a mess.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
BackupsTook a backup of Arch to compare with count today.YesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Sent via Gmail to my work email.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
ReconcilingStock Count at Trend BendYesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Will do a full stock take1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentTested that, after, successful payment, the system redirects to the Voucher Page.YesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Successfully tested payment and redirect to page.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Project ListingIssue a Workflow to get payment, then issue a Voucher.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11This wasn't done before.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MeetingVoucher Campaigns email from Jacky. I'll issue the Christmas (CHR) Category. I'll need to find a way where customers can buy Vouchers online.YesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11I'll need to setup the Workflow that the Vouchers are sent AFTER payment.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationHelped the RSR Accommodation booking for Marcel Meyer who bought a Voucher on 27 Aug 2021. Booking 681.YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Allocated the Units for the RSR Holiday bookings. Lodge Units were split. 680, 679 and 529.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MaintenanceRan an upgrade on the Business Classic Theme, our WordPress Theme.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11Tested an Indemnity after upgrade. Never sure if there is something broken after an upgrade.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationLa-Cell Roach requested a Voucher for her husband.YesRed Star RacewaySalesVanessa Almeida2021/12/072021/12/11I sent all the registration details and the banking details. Never knowing if the customer is already registered I send procedures to follow in all scenarios.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MeetingMeet with Llew on the Costing of Invoices that does not have VAT on.YesRed Star RacewaySalesLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11We cannot process a GRV without VAT. Therefore, if the Invoice is a Non-VAT Invoice, we must make sure that the Costing agrees with the Invoice on the Excluding Amount and not the Including Amount.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentAdded to the Training request Notification the Note that the Customer should submit their Once Off Registration form as soon as possible.YesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11We need to get the process going even if the customer won't buy. We need this to setup them up for training.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MeetingSaying "No".YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11It is not easy for Quintin to say "No", but he is starting to get the hang of it. A Staff Member requested something which he denied.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MeetingMeeting with Quintin on the follow-up of the RSR Training Request entries.YesRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11We don't get feedback from Brit where she communicates to the customers or how she book them. There is the Outlook Calendar, but it is not working for Quintin. We need to ensure that they are fully booked/ paid and we need this on a database Quintin can work off. I'll create a Training booking Confirmation Form.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
ImplementationInvoice INV129 - The Kids Corner - Trend BendYesTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Created Supplier and Items, but Invoice is without VAT. Printed labels and attached. Asked Kim how that would work. No feedback yet.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MonitoringRSR Training Request Form launched correctly.YesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Jacky added the WordPress Page as a tab to the Online Entries tab and noted on the Events Tab where to submit the request.2 - Important3 - Noted
CommunicationSent email to La-Cell who wants to buy a Voucher for her husband.YesRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11I could not get hold of her on the phone, it was engaged.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MonitoringNeed to add the monthly reporting of Trend Bend the Promotional Customer SalesNoTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11We cannot leave this risky area in the blind spot.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceNot all fields are set to "Required" on the Christa Work Log Form. This needs to change. Set to required.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11This will ensure that I fill in all the required fields and don't need to go back to fix entries.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
Other ReportingThe 5th of December was cancelled.YesRed Star RacewaySalesVanessa Almeida2021/12/072021/12/11We need to handle the Credit Vouchers.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceAdd View IDs infront of each View's name. This should improve my time to find the right View in future.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Will take time, but it will save time.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceNew Week Indemnities Reports.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11There are always new reports to create, otherwise I'll have 62 reports. I will get there at some point.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringTrend Bend Stock Count - New Deliveries not taken in yet.YesRed Star RacewaySalesLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Not sure which items already exists. Requested the doc from Diego. Llewellyn didn't request when he was working. Diego gave the docs within minutes.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceChanged Dec2021 Indemnity to the date the 8th.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlBrittani Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11People might book on dates that are already passed.2 - Important2 - Urgent
Communication4 Vouchers requests due to rain on the 5th of December.YesRed Star RacewayAccountingVanessa Almeida2021/12/072021/12/11Making sure that all voucher request are paid. Shameer Adam 7461, R600. Aadil Adam 7432, R600. Anna Elizabeth Barnardt, 7819/7821, R600. Mohammed Osman Adam 7922 (didn't see pmt)4 - Less Important2 - Urgent
Project ListingIssue Form for any Deliveries made at the Track, Trend Bend or Kitchen.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11If we don't have the documents or the date of delivery, it's is very high risk that we might lose the stock.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
DevelopmentChrista Work Logging FormYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/11/302021/12/05Find a way to summarize work without losing important matters.2 - Important2 - Urgent
Project ListingOnline Whiteboard CalendarNoRed Star RacewayMarketingQuintin Coetser2021/11/302021/12/05Need to get a Gravity View upgrade. Need buy-in to develop this. We don't have a database showing actual events, backwards. No, current, indication if a paid Corporate date is redeemed.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
Monthly ReportingRSR AccommodationNoRed Star RacewayAccountingDean Fogolin2021/11/302021/12/05There are a few unpaid entries for Nov2021. I'll report on this included in the routine reporting.2 - Important2 - Urgent
Monthly ReportingNov2021 Reporting - Trend BendNoRed Star RacewayAccountingDean Fogolin2021/11/302021/12/0595% Completed. Just need to check the Theoretical against the Counted Stock.2 - Important2 - Urgent
ImplementationAdding new customer to the Whatsapp GroupsNoRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/11/302021/12/05Looked into the Whatsapp Integration tool. It's a tedious/manual process.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
Development1 Part - Rental Unit Agreement for Companies from Zoho to Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewayAccountingVanessa Almeida2021/11/302021/12/05Layout on the PDF is time consuming. Using Test to HTML conversion site. Positioning is a challenge too.2 - Important4 - Less Urgent
ImplementationFavicon for www.redstarrac3way.co.zaYesRed Star RacewayMarketingJacky Grassman2021/11/302021/12/05Jacky requested that I should implement.2 - Important3 - Noted
Project Listing50% Discount Vouchers for CRC2021 - Customer Retention CampaignNoRed Star RacewayMarketingDiego Crabbia2021/11/302021/12/05Issued more Vouchers, but didn't issue bulk in a while. Diego gave extension of Expiry to 31 March 2022.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
Project ListingTraffic on Red Star Premises per dateNoRed Star RacewayMarketingDiego Crabbia2021/11/302021/12/05Extended implementation due to other, more urgent, tasks.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationWhatsapp Integration from Gravity Forms to Individual or Groups.YesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2021/11/302021/12/053 Integration Parts. Gravity Form's Webhook, Pabbly and Chat API. Chat API costs $39 per month.2 - Important4 - Less Urgent
ResearchWhatsapp Integration with Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2021/11/302021/12/05You Tube Videos are not giving the full picture. Could fill in the missing pieces.2 - Important3 - Noted
Project ListingImporting the Zoho Jobcard entries to Gravity Forms.NoRed Star RacewayMaintenanceQuintin Coetser2021/11/302021/12/05There are many different Area Categories.2 - Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentCarry Jobcard From over from Zoho to Gravity FormsYesRed Star RacewayMaintenanceQuintin Coetser2021/11/302021/12/05Need to ensure that the fields agree with Zoho version. Need to add a different column to group Jobcards into Categories.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationRSR Training Request FormYesRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/11/302021/12/05It seems that the RSR Training Request Form won't be added under the "Online Entries" didn't receive any feedback regarding this.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationSkid Pan Entries for the 18th of December to Tarryn GriffithsNoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/11/302021/12/05Waiting for Tarryn to give the ID's which I should set to "Skidpan Customer".2 - Important4 - Less Urgent
MaintenanceWeekly Indemnity ReportingYesRed Star RacewayAccountingBrittani Grassman2021/11/302021/12/05Change This Week to Last Week. Create Correct Views with correct filters. Test Displays on Brittani and Vanessa Link. Send prior week reporting to Vanessa.2 - Important2 - Urgent
Task CategoryTask DescriptionCompleted/Resolved?CompanyDepartmentCompany Staff MemberReport Week StartReport Week EndChallenge DescriptionImportance RatingUrgency Rating