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Other ReportingTraining incomeNoRed Star RacewaySalesDiego Crabbia2022/01/242022/01/29Data is accurate. Need to know how to follow-up on customer requests which didn't pan out.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringNebula Accommodation Payments this weekNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2022/01/242022/01/29Don't have access to see if these customers have loaded their banking details onto Booking.com1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
RequestsScooter Stock sent back - Consignment - Request Supplier paid Invoices to know which we can reverse.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2022/01/182022/01/23Not sure which Supplier supplied this stock. Don't have any lists.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
RequestsList of Departments to report on from Dean.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23Can we meet on the Departments that should be included in my Monthly reporting.2 - Important3 - Noted
RequestsMembers Indemnities to be downloaded by Users off WebsiteNoRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Need permission. It will, only, show logged in users Indemnities to be viewed and downloaded. We have 2 reports, A and B. At this point, it cannot be on the same Report.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
IdeasDevelop Training Videos as to how to use the Online Forms and Register.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23I found the software Vidyard and extention from Chrome. I'll do an example and see how it goes.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
IdeasMonthly Membership Card or tag for Joggers, Bicycle Riders and Walkers on the Track for allocated times.NoRed Star RacewayMarketingCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Golf course in Delmas is not operational anymore.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
IdeasAccommodation Links of eRes replace with Booking.com and any other integrated platform. These systems have better communication facilities than eRes, like Notifications. Especially, Booking.comNoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23I don't know if you would like more than one platform to display on the Website.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationAnother Customer linked to the crestriders' email cannot register. Reset password and change email address to this request email.NoRed Star RacewaySalesCustomers2022/01/182022/01/23Not always sure customer is okay until I see the Indemnity coming through.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
RequestsMSA Electronic Form Testing/ ReviewsNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23Even if Quintin or Shelley-Anne tested the Forms and how it works, can I request that Diego test them too. There might be legal issues that I'm not aware of.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
RequestsDocusign applicationNoRed Star RacewaySalesShelley-Anne Taylor2022/01/182022/01/23Especially MSA Entries will help us if we can have the customers sign online. I'm just not sure if we'll need to send those documents via a different format to be able to get those signed if it's not through an add-on in Gravity Forms. A tick box seems the easiest. I'll see how if I can assist with any research on my side too.2 - Important2 - Urgent
CommunicationBeam Productions - asking for rider list for the day.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBeam Productions2022/01/182022/01/23Not sure if this is allowed.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
Project ListingSetup on the User Meta if a customer Paid for their 2022 Affiliation or not.NoRed Star RacewaySalesChrista Coetser2022/01/182022/01/23We'll need to keep track of this and adjust the users' Meta Field where we state if the user paid Affiliation or not.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
MaintenanceSet Zoho Rental Agreement for the 2022 yearNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlMelanie White2022/01/182022/01/23Run through the 5 different places to make sure all are changed. Run full test to make sure that all was changed as it should.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationCustomers (3) asking assistance to register for their Track Day.NoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2022/01/182022/01/23We can use a PC software to record System processes. Customer didn't answer my phonecall. Sent email. Found another Imported Customer which is showing the ID number instead of the Name in the Name Field. Manual fix needed.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringAssisting Brit with Registrations. Already have 81 entries.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Not many has come through yet. The weather is cold and overcast.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentLooking at the PDF of the MSA Forms - ScrutineeringNoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18To ensure that it presents as close as the manual version as possible.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
BackupsBacked up my Forms createdNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18NB to backup work.3 - Just Noted3 - Noted
DevelopmentCompleted the Scrutineering Forms for Circuit Cars and Single Seaters.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Need to set this up that all is easy to access and received.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentStarting with the Daily Screening Questionnaire.NoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Starting with the 2nd Form to be added on the MSA docs from the Customer side. Need to make sure this slots in seamlessly.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentFurther development on the MSA Indemnity Form - keeping the Track day before seperate, working on layouts on Form and PDF, adding Categories and Classes.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Collaborate with Tannie Shelley. She gave me MSA logo too. Added to the PDF Form.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentDeveloped most of the MSA Official Entry Form with logic. It's working and template is built. Sent through to Tannie Shelley for scurtinering.NoRed Star RacewaySalesDean Fogolin2021/12/142021/12/18Most important entry form is completed. There are more Forms to do.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationGotten docs from Tannie Shelley. Will use both Tracy's and her to make sure that I have all necessary fields.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Don't know how to set this up that we don't frustrate the customer more than needed.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentMSA In-Land Tour Electronic Forms DevelopmentNoRed Star RacewaySalesQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Need to make sure that I make this as painless as possible for the customer.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
CommunicationBeam Production asks me for Track day attending lists. They have an email of us and therefore is BEAM productions part of our services. Need to get confirmation, but don't want to frustrate customers. Only give name, email and cell number. Nothing else.NoRed Star RacewaySalesChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Need confirmation that I can give to them.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentTraining Fields - status to reduce changes and maintenanceNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlChrista Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18Decided to add all possible Training courses to a given date that I only have one field by date with 4 possible entries. This will reduce training fields to the amount of dates we'll train for a given month.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
MaintenanceAdd Training Booking Fields to the Jan2022 Indemnity and attach the Indemnity to the RSR Dashboard options.NoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18Must make sure all dates are correct before adding to the Dashboard and cannot test without adding.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentIn-Land Tour IndemnityNoRed Star RacewaySalesTracylynn Venter2021/12/142021/12/18Need to complete this Form as soon as possible - should be ready by 17 Jan 2022.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
DevelopmentZoho imports of Registration Dates into SQL - RSR Members - not date added in Gravity FormsNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/142021/12/18We might need to check when a customer registered to see if they qualify for something or if their training request is making sense.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
CommunicationNeed to follow up on all training requestsNoRed Star RacewaySalesBrittani Grassman2021/12/142021/12/18I see too many customers who I cannot find on our registration list who requested training.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
DevelopmentImport Zoho Jobcard entries into Gravity Forms and add Area Category FieldNoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlQuintin Coetser2021/12/072021/12/11There are a significant amount of Category Areas to give an easy report on this.1 - Very Important4 - Less Urgent
CommunicationAsked Llewellyn about the Mini Scooters which were sent back to be reversed.NoTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11Asked him to let me know if he is struggling.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
ReconcilingRequest from Diego - Mini Audit on the Protective Gear - requested 11 Dec 2021 via email.NoTrend BendInternal ControlDiego Crabbia2021/12/072021/12/11In the new year. Seems to have some Consignment Stock there.1 - Very Important3 - Noted
Project ListingCreate the Form where Customers can pay and receive a Christmas VoucherNoRed Star RacewaySalesJacky Grassman2021/12/072021/12/11Need to find a way to get the Voucher ready for download on the confirmation page and the email Notification.1 - Very Important1 - Very Urgent
MonitoringNeed to add the monthly reporting of Trend Bend the Promotional Customer SalesNoTrend BendInternal ControlLlewellyn Chipps2021/12/072021/12/11We cannot leave this risky area in the blind spot.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
Project ListingIssue Form for any Deliveries made at the Track, Trend Bend or Kitchen.NoRed Star RacewayInternal ControlDean Fogolin2021/12/072021/12/11If we don't have the documents or the date of delivery, it's is very high risk that we might lose the stock.1 - Very Important2 - Urgent
Task CategoryTask DescriptionCompleted/Resolved?CompanyDepartmentCompany Staff MemberReport Week StartReport Week EndChallenge DescriptionImportance RatingUrgency Rating